Hump day was the BEST day!

Well, what a week this has proven to be. After a relaxing weekend getaway to Block Island to celebrate America’s birthday, I returned to the big city and back to work, only to find myself working behind the scenes for a style segment on the Wendy Williams show. We gave this hot mama a makeover, and boy did she work it. Check out the clip here! If you look reallllyyyy hard maybe you’ll see through the wall to find me backstage (and yes, I did see Chrissy Teigan up close and personal after her segment. And yes, she is really that beautiful).

And the day only got better from there. Following work, I took a evening stroll down 5th Avenue and headed over to Henri Bendel– my former internship employer. But this was no plain old shopping spree; in fact, there was no shopping involved (shocking, I know). No no, this was to pay a visit to one of the latest Bendel’s bags to hit stores. Say hello to the Bowery Messenger bag, designed by Meredith Wadsworth.

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Remember the bag I featured in a previous post or two? Well, the improved and finished product has finally arrived, and MY DESIGN IS BEING SOLD IN HENRI BENDEL STORES AND ONLINE! I literally can’t even believe it, it feels like a dream. I was told they were going to sell it after I presented the design last summer, but I can’t believe it has been a full year and it is really here!! I was freaking out and couldn’t stop smiling. They made the bag in three practical colors, black, grey and tan, and even designed a tote with whipstitching detail to match.

I really want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me thus far in pursuing my dreams. This achievement could never have happened without the help of my loving parents and family, my friends, my mentors and managers, and YOU, dear readers! Every day you all inspire me to keep doing my thing, and I feel I am getting closer and closer to my goals. Even though those goals seem to be constantly changing, my network of support has only grown with time. So with that, I thank you and love you and go check out the Bowery Messenger online and in stores!!!


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  1. missy says

    WOW!!! We are sooo impressed. I love the handbag. It is a classic (forever) style that will be a big seller. Do you get a commission or anything on the sales?? I imagine you don’t, but it would be nice, n’est pas??

    Love Ya.

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