Dried and Delectable



I think I have an addiction to dried fruit. Dried mango, dried pineapple, dried banana, dried kiwi, you name it. It doesn’t help that my office has an entire jar full of delicious dried fruit that just sits in our kitchen asking me to come to it. and I do. every. time. But it is delicious and nutritious (yes–it is!) and I don’t mind when other employees stare at me, the little newbie intern, returning for her fifth handful of banana chips. I hear a lot of people saying “that stuff is like candy,” and in terms of its addictiveness, yes it is indeed like candy. But not in nutritional content. Dried fruit, so long as it isn’t loaded with added refined sugars, is just as nutritious as fresh fruit, except that the water is removed and the nutrients are concentrated. This makes it easier to consume, so one typically eats more than they would in fresh fruit servings. This is a lot of sugar, but it is not the same sugar you see on a bag of M&Ms. This isĀ naturalĀ sugar that is good for you! And for those who struggle getting enough servings of fruit per day, dried fruit is a great option in moderation. Now excuse me while I get my sixth handful.


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